Individual Health Insurance

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Health Insurance made Simple

Don’t let the headlines scare you. Health insurance is right around the corner for anyone without health insurance at work.

An expert can help you get creative with your coverage and stay on top of the latest developments on Capitol Hill. Getting an honest and local agent with Nebraska values will save you time and money. 

Solving a Difficult Problem


Options for individual health insurance have dwindled for Nebraska residents in recent years. Some of the largest insurers have exited the market and let Nebraskans with a smaller selection that ever before.

The challenge is to find adequate coverage at an affordable price. Let’s work together to overcome this obstacle.


Trust the free market to find creative answers to difficult problems. That’s a Nebraska value in and of itself.

Short-term options give you the freedom to choose the benefits you want and ditch the ones you don’t. Pick the out-of-pocket expenses you’re comfortable with to match with a premium you can afford.

Even more options are available for the self-employed. Ask about Association plans and other creative solutions available for you.

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