Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Before I introduce myself, I want to know about you. What goals do you have for your family and your retirement? What information could you use to empower your insurance decisions? The key to choosing the right policy is transparency. We make your decision easy by unlocking access to dozens of insurance providers at no extra cost to you.

Our goal is to give you three things:

Savings ∴ Protection ∴ Service

Omaha’s Premier Insurance Advisors

Getting an honest and local agent will save you time and money. Don’t fret over having enough coverage or paying too much in monthly premiums. We streamline your insurance portfolio to give you back your time and take away your stress.

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Trusted Carriers

If you’ve seen it on TV, you’ll find it here. We only work with the most recognized national providers.

Around the Clock Service

Service from beginning to end. Start your policy, use your policy, and end it on your terms.

Finding the Right Fit

No more risky business. We specialize in saving you money while getting you the provisions you need.

Never in the Dark

We keep you in the loop by reminding you of renewal dates, policy changes, and replacements that benefit you.

Digital When you Need It

We organize your information through email and our online platform. No more digging around your purse for your insurance cards.

Christine Flaxbeard

Founder and CEO

Hi! I’m Christine Flaxbeard and I’ve dedicated my life to three things: Healthcare, Childcare and Helping out Fellow Nebraskans.

Our Mission

Flaxbeard Insurance Advisors helps clients find the best possible solution to their insurance needs.

Our Vision

To satisfy all of our customers insurance needs now and for future generations.